Our Methods

QBEC uses the synthesis approach as a means of integration.

we take two or more things that to other people may appear to have little or no relationship, and we find ways to fit them into a new creative combination.

Our concept does not necessarily look to find a particular compromise, consensus, or agreement on the best solution to a problem but instead some perspective that will produce a best fit solution linking the seemingly contradictory views.

we know that people really do disagree more often than not about the fact. It is in this difference that we help individuals discover the exciting potential for new ideas and innovative ways of doing thing . The synthesis or “whyz” approach utilized by our consulting style and management development is rooted in constructive conflict.

This synthesis principle where out of disagreement, chaos, and sometimes hostility and rejection comes change and renewal.

And we at QBEC tend to see the world as constantly changing and welcome this view. Our environment embraces such conditions, and we have a habit of questioning people’s assumptions about life and things.