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Michael Flemons has become a teacher, mentor and a a dear friend. He has been a significant factor in motivating and positioning his Pastor and church family to become involved in various programs throughout the community.  I believe that his skills and education alone with his experience makes him as excellent asset for any organization.

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Living Choice


Michael has partnered with our non-profit as a  supporter and provides helful advice and connections through his personal experience and involvement with the non-profit sector.

~Niya Wyche, Executive Director, Living Choice

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CEO Approved Staffing and Consulting


Mentoring and training  in leadership, accountability, economic development are the many examples of curriculum being offered by Dr. Flemons for individuals and organization. He is an amazing gentleman who lives with a passion and his intelligent acumen is a true blessing. Working with him has been uplifting and inspirational.

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World Action Revival


“It is with extreme pleasure to inform you that we have decied to offer you a full-time position on our board of directors in an advisor/consultant position for all of our non-profit community outreach programs… with your assistance and strong leadership, we haope to develop opportunities to achieve financial stability.”

~ Walt Smith, Pastor/Founder, World Action Revival Ministries
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