We Analyze

We understand that every organization has specific challenges and key vulnerabilities and we make sure we pay close attention to address the key issues.

We Focus

We understand that every client has a unique set of challenges to making their program work. We work with them to determine the skills, resources and tools they may need to acquire to make it a true success.

We Measure

In order to determine what’s working and what’s not, we not only help you implement new strategies but are there to help you monitor and measure the effectiveness as they are put into place.

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Our Mission

To provide the guidance needed to help our clients and their communities come together and not only give birth to radically creative ideas but also access the resources and support necessary to bring them to fruition.

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Our Methods

QBEC uses the synthesis approach as a means of integration.

  • we take two or more things that to other people may appear to have little or no relationship, and we find ways to fit them into a new creative combination.
  • Our concept does not necessarily look to find a particular compromise, consensus, or agreement on the best solution to a problem but instead some perspective that will produce a best fit solution linking the seemingly contradictory views.
  • We know that people really do disagree more often than not about the fact. It is in this difference that we help individuals discover the exciting potential for new ideas and innovative ways of doing thing . The synthesis or approach utilized by our consulting style and management development is rooted in constructive conflict.

Our Projects

What Are We Up To?

Throughout our communities we have done what we can to be an active part of inspiring and empowering those of the frontlines facing hard challenges. 

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